Each new patient is welcomed to the friendly and discreet skin clinic by first receiving a complementary face to face assessment.

This typically takes 1 hour during which time we suggest the most appropriate treatment and then fully inform you about pros and cons and any side effects. 

We then provide you with detailed information to take away so you can process it before making an informed decision

If you would like to go ahead you can then book online

N.B. The assessment is free provided you turn up as we have to set aside an hour in our busy diary. If you fail to attend or give us less than 24 hours’ notice of cancellation or postponement we will regrettably have to charge you.

Each treatment is delivered in a safe and effective manner. If you would like a quick overview of the treatments we offer please look at our glossary page.

Our customer testimonials talk about us being friendly and easy to talk to;   professional and really keen to help; and showing empathy and understanding. This is why we have a high level of customer loyalty.

When looking through rose coloured glasses is not enough we can help…

  • Jenny is great. Friendly and easy to talk to. Professional and really keen to help. If she can’t help you she will try and find someone who can. Most of the treatments she has experience of so she shows empathy and understanding. Go and see her like I did!

  • It’s definitely one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. Thank you Jenny!